Our values

Respect for the people we work with, professionalism in our work and a balance of interests between the group’s different stakeholders: these are our values. They are the common foundation shared by all within the company, drawing on our sense of responsibility towards society and our belief in economic growth.

Respect for each person

The respect owed to each person is not based on their position within the company but on what they are as individuals. Our managers know that you can only demand more of people you respect. Tibco maintains a person-management policy based on active communication and constant dialogue with employees at every level, where equal opportunity is a fact and where individual support and internal communication play a major role.

Professionalism on the job

Demanding the highest standards of professionalism on the job is the key to success in all our services. The quality control system implemented from the start in the Tibco Group and the personal commitment of each and every employee are the foundations on which that value is based. Tibco encourages the personal investment of all its employees through an attractive remuneration policy, based on profit sharing combined with a performance-based payment scheme.

A balance of interests

Striking a balance between the Group’s different stakeholders is essential. Tibco seeks to equally satisfy its clients, its employees and its shareholders. The senior management are committed to maintaining that balance through their operational choices. Tibco and its suppliers are equally committed by signing a suppliers’ charter which sets out their mutual commitments in terms of equity, ethics and continuity in their relationship.