Sustainable development

Tibco focuses on responsible development

Tibco bases its sustainable development policy on ISO 26000, the societal responsibility standard for business organisations. Meeting this objective, and the practical measures taken to achieve it, are key to the group’s performance and competitiveness.

People driving optimal performance

The focus is on developing the group’s human capital: encouraging innovation by making room for new ideas, for personal and team initiatives, encouraging communication with all our stakeholders, attracting and retaining new talent, and encouraging loyalty to the company: these are all driving principles that contribute to the development of the Group.

Quality, Safety, Environment

Our focus on quality, safety and the environment is at one with our objective, i.e. making sure that the Tibco Group will last:


  • Safety is paramount. Tibco believes first and foremost in ensuring the safety of our staff, our premises and company data. This is why we were awarded OHSAS 18001 certification in 2011, in recognition of our very high safety management performance;
  • ISO 9001 v. 2008 is the standard for all the group’s quality-centric policies. Our quality policy centers on improving company efficiency so we can offer the services best suited to our clients’ needs;
  • Tibco seeks to reduce its environmental footprint by recycling waste (sorting paper, cardboard, WEEE).

Practical measures

Gender equality, training, career prospects, in-house social network… Just a few of the practical measures implemented by Tibco under its corporate development plan.

To find out more about Tibco, download our French Sustainable Development Charter.