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About Tibco

Tibco, the digital service provider

Tibco operates in digital factory environments: telecom network infrastructure, power bays, from the core network to data centers…

…and also in the field of connected user services for people using devices and objects connected to their distributed company infrastructures.

Specializing in managed services and IT outsourcing

With its business-specific service offer covering a broad range of technologies, Tibco’s services can be tailored to suit each client’s business, culture, and environment, whether an SME, middle market business, or major account, in the telecom sector or in other strategic industries.

« Helping generate creative energy, innovation and agility through our client’s communication systems. »

Working from a local base, with a high value-added service offer, Tibco has the know-how, the expertise and the services to guarantee network and information system scalability, availability and relevance.

Operating in France and in the international market

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With over 1,000 staff, the Group has a tight-knit network of agencies with 86 points of sales in France and subsidiaries in Morocco, Slovakia and Poland. Tibco’s international reach means we can support our clients working on European projects.

The extent of our network makes for 24/7 responsiveness, 365 days a year.

To find out more about Tibco, download our annual report 2013.