Site construction format


We have experience in management of deployment projects with considerable geographical and financial scale and budget , both in the areas of design new networks, also monitoring and reconfiguration of the existing network. Our organizational and equipment background allows us to conduct large-scale projects in the organizational, governance and investment layers.

We provide design and installation services on « turn-key » model of telecommunications facilities, including the acquisition and agreeing terms of lease, full design documentation and decisions, installation and commissioning, testing the quality parameters of the telecommunications network. Our experience in this area is confirmed by performing more than 1,000 base stations for mobile, leading B2B companies and alternative operators.

Site acquisition

In respect of the Telco objects acquisition, TIBCO’s experience is supported by acquiring approx. 3,000 objects. The scope of services in this area include:

  • Search for objects and parcels
  • Terms of the contract negotiation (according to customer requirements)
  • Signing of the contract and delivery to the customer
  • Contract renegotiations

Engineering services

Engineering services and installation documentation preparation covers the full extent of work needed to adapt or construction of the facility, taking into account the specifics of the proposed telecommunications equipment and customer guidelines. We have a team of experienced designers in the field of construction, general construction, electrical and telecommunications installations.

Fiberoptic lines build

Design and build in the area of ​​fiber optic lines covers the entire process of preparation of the link, which consists of:

  • Make a complete documentation,
  • Obtain the appropriate permits and agreements,
  • Installation of optical fiber with all necessary equipment

We have our own acquisition, design and installation teams. Our activity in this area is associated with the service for mobile operators, country wide B2B operators, national service companies. Employed persons have maintained, executed and supervised approx. 200 km of fiber optic lines, arranged both along with the implementation of existing drains and and build new sewers.

Electrical works

Range of services:

  • Execution of projects in the field of ports and power lines, low and medium voltage, with the process of acquisition and necessary arrangements,
  • Construction of the low and medium voltage, together with the elements’ assembly,
  • Design and construction of electrical indoor and outdoor systems
  • Design and installation of complete power systems, eg.  telecommunications facilities,
  • Construction and repair of transfo stations
  • Modernization of electrical installations
  • Power supply installations

Installation and commissioning

I&C cover all tasks of installing, connecting and commissioning of telecommunications equipment. Technological scope addressed by Tibco is core network, access network and transmission network. Tibco teams, trained in different technologies, deploy around 1 000 telecom equipments per year on these technologies.