Organisational supervision

Organisational supervision

At Tibco, service governance is based on managing projects, processes and customer relationships at the national level, and on-site interventions at the local level.

The model we have developed capitalises on good practices and on the ISO 9001, ITIL and e-SCM standards.

Your organisational supervision requirements

  • Efficient organisation conducive to a collaborative, positive approach

You want your organisation to be geared to client awareness, dialogue and solution seeking with a positive mindset.

  • Establishing, building up and maintaining mutual trust

Trust is the basis of a sustainable relationship, leading to time-saving and greater efficiency. Trust has to be won gradually, on the basis of merit, and requires transparency.

  • Solve the problem first, talk later

Knowing which problems to prioritise is what we do best: this is what our clients appreciate and talk about.

Tibco is your partner in organisational supervision

  • Clearly defined objectives, roles and responsibilities

Customer operations manager, Customer service manager, Account manager… Managing operations, service levels and strategy.

  • Decision and action traceability and monitoring over time

Being sure that actions will be monitored over time, with just the right degree of protocol, no more, no less.

  • Well-known, recognised and widely-shared industry standards: ITIL, PRINCE2, eSCM, ISO 9001, ISO 27000…

No need to start from scratch: we speak the same language as our clients. Standards are an essential part of our work, but we give pride of place to a practical, pragmatic approach. Standards are a means to an end and not the end in itself.

Tibco’s strong points

  • National coordination with responsible, autonomous local services

Industrial-scale operations with national resources and tools.
Autonomous, responsible teams, for quick decision-taking adapted to needs in the field.

  • Regular steering committees and monitoring over time

Well-planned steering committee meetings with appropriate agendas.
The operational, tactical and strategic aspects are dealt with separately for greater efficiency.

  • A collaborative portal serving as a knowledge base for the customer agreement

The collaborative portal means that all the relevant documents are kept in the same place.
Regular occurrence recording makes for good decision traceability and progress plan monitoring.