Financial supervision

Good governance means aligning a company’s information system with its business strategy. It is the key to building balanced, long-lasting relationships.
At Tibco, service governance is based on managing projects, processes and customer relationships at the national level, and on-site interventions at the local level.

The model we have developed capitalises on good practices and on the ISO 9001, ITIL and e-SCM standards.
The model is based on 3 sub-divisions:

  • Financial supervision,
  • Organisational supervision,
  • Quality supervision.

Your financial supervision requirements

A tough economic climate leading to:

  • Tighter budgets,
  • Financial optimisation.

Striving for efficiency: 

  • Doing more with less,
  • Meeting objectives while optimising resources.


  • Avoiding wastage, optimising budget-efficiency.

Tibco is your partner in financial supervision

Financial benchmarks

  • Defining benchmarks in order to measure, compare and monitor spending.
  • Monitoring market prices for services and making them known.

Cost benchmarking

  • Measuring up to market prices.
  • Challenging your service providers with the hard facts.

Choosing the relevant unit level

  • Seeking virtuous cycle business models.
  • Defining win-win strategies.

Our strong points

The TCO contract is based on an innovative economic governance model.

  • Financial dashboards

The dashboards we provide are essential tools when it comes to analysing changing cost structures and finding ways of optimising them. Our guiding principle? Choosing the right options at the right time.

  • Budget simulation tools 

The key is to think ahead of the game and our simulation tools allow you to do precisely that, i.e. track your expenditure over several financial years and test different scenarios.