Dedicated technical support

Technical support moving towards Service Center implementation:

« How can we possibly reduce our IT costs when users are demanding ever-increasing quality of service? » « How can we budget for annual service provision costs? It’s a real challenge! »
« Drawing up a proper IT outsourcing consultation sourcing with minimal risks? » It’s not my field and it will take me ages?! » « Concentrate our IT staff on our core business activities and our strategic projects? Ideally, yes, but impossible, even though that’s where their true added-value lies! »
« Managing to guarantee the same level of service to our users when our system administrators are on holiday? Mission impossible?! »

To put things in perspective, this is our vision of how to implement technical support and services centres.

Your needs

  • Getting your service provider to commit to results rather than best endeavours in order to facilitate budget planning and cost reductions, increased flexibility and quality of service improvements.
  • Being able to rapidly integrate new competences.
  • Leveraging and implementing good practice (ITIL V3, eSCM, CMMI…), by building on a continuous improvement process.
  • Implementing monitored and managed progress plans.
  • Implementing a true client-supplier relationship via benchmarks and statistics.
  • Obtaining a service commitment based on a service agreement and a quality assurance plan.
  • Having a well-organised and regularly updated knowledge building system and a user-friendly documentation management system.

With Tibco technical support or by implementing a Tibco Service Center,

  • You get fully controlled service quality and continuity for your users, in a continuous improvement cycle.
  • You can plan your expenditure and control the level of service provided to your users.
  • You can rely on a tried and tested IT sourcing approach, highly responsive and organised on the basis of good Human Resource Management and Social and Environmental Responsibility practices.
  • You can rely on highly-trained IT engineers, with the skills and knowledge suited to your needs.
  • You get access to benchmarks allowing you to manage your performance and to plan for workload fluctuations, with appropriate governance and reporting protocols.
  • Your documentation data base is regularly updated (operating documentation, user documentation, etc.).

Guaranteed user service, controlled and optimized costs, a well-managed service, up-to-date knowledge management.