Availability / Maintenance

Your server, network and user device infrastructure availability is absolutely crucial, yet you need to cut maintenance costs or at least keep them under control.

Be prepared for low cost maintenance …

Your needs

  • Tailoring your expenditure to your budget and to the level of quality you expect;
  • Getting the level of service suited to your needs, whatever the equipment makes and models you use;
  • Reducing your IT equipment down time, from server to workstation, while remaining within budget;
  • Straightforward maintenance with a 30 to 50% cost saving compared to Manufacturer Packages;
  • Fast and flexible solutions for the level of service you need at the right price.

Tibco, specialising in business continuity planning* and availability

Two clear, simple, service offers: Infrastructure and Devices

  • ISADisP Devices

The range of equipment and/or devices you need to service to ensure user availability goes far beyond than the traditional individual workstation. It can include desktop PCs, portable PCs, all-in-one, workstations, thin clients, touch screen tablets, smartphones, external screens, docking stations, USB peripherals, office telephones, printers, multifunctional printers, and many others.

Our iSa’DispDevice availability offer means you can guarantee service level continuity, at the lowest possible price, whatever the device makes or models involved.


  • ISADisP Infra

With virtualisation now standard, it becomes impossible to distinguish between server infrastructure, storage, network and PABX/IPBX components:

    • Each component has an impact on the stability of all the others;
    • Any of the building blocks can reduce the availability of the whole system;
    • Dissociating the elements makes analysis more difficult in case of a system breakdown and makes it impossible to conduct a reliability assessment for the whole system.

This consolidated approach to business continuity planning for strategic system components allows you to optimise your overall system availability, both technically and financially.

Our iSa’Disp Infra solution focuses on a single, simple idea: managing physical server, storage, network and PABX/IPBX infrastructure availability while offering different prices and service levels.

Specially-tailored service and price ranges

We just want you to pay a fair price: one that will suit your expectations, your technological objectives, your budget, the risks you are willing to face, and the commitments you are willing to make.

We offer a full range of solutions according to your prime focus: on price, on extended services or on a balanced approach. Tibco therefore offers three ranges of services: Essentielle, Polyvalence et Optimale.

These three ranges include different services, but quality remains the keyword in all.

*MCO: Maintaining Operational Continuity (Business continuity)