Devices métiers

Business-specific devices

Business-specific devices are user workstations and peripherals specific to each field of activity.

They are the very heart of the corporate digitalisation process, and hold the key to industrial process evolution, for greater reactivity and a better customer service.

These business-specific devices can, for instance, include:

  • Point of sale terminals (in retail businesses);
  • Check scanners (for use in banks);
  • Connected beds (in the medical services);
  • Rugged terminals (for agriculture and the food processing industries);
  • Map tracers (for local government planning departments);
  • Whiteboards (in education);
  • Label printers (in transport and logistics).

These devices are production tools and as such, must be kept available and operational for users at all times.

Our strong points

Tibco’s managed services are implemented at your local level in order to provide the best support for the connected user.

Our teams are aware of our clients’ needs, usages and core businesses. They can therefore take account of business-specific priorities.

Their technical and organisational expertise combined with their local knowledge and availability guarantee an effective service (support, maintenance, installation, etc.).